A downloadable game

What this is:

This was a "game" developed in 48 Hours for a mock Ludum Dare. The theme generated was "Nature". It has a relatively short gameplay that shoots for a simplistic, self-driven story.

What this isn't:

This is not a bug-free AAA game, in fact, it has a relatively obvious bug of letting you snap your neck into a billion bits. It is a project that a single person developed to improve his skills. Do not expect "next-gen" graphics with an amazing story, though It's influenced to take a moment for sight-seeing. Oh, and unfortunately there isn't any Easter-eggs (not kidding).

Psst, also contains some fairly bad music played on a Guitar because the developer has yet to invest into a Piano.

Install instructions

When installing, if you have no clue what to do, just click "Next" and you'll get there. After installation, do not attempt to alter the actual game files, as it's VERY easy to mess things up!

This game includes the default Window's launcher. In order to gain the full experience, it's suggested to have "Windowed" unchecked and "Graphics quality" set to "Fantastic". 

Tip: There is no in-game UI due to time constraints. In order to exit while in-game, click Left Alt + Tab or LCtrl + LAlt + Delete and manually close it.


A Wild Flower Installer.exe 9 MB